• Missing Kayaker

  • On Sunday, October 8th at 10:58am, Bayville Marine 1 was called to assist the Atlantic Steamer Fire Company #1 in a search for a missing kayaker. 


    The multi-agency effort included units from the United States Coast GuardSuffolk County Police Department Marine Bureau, Nassau County Police Department Marine & Aviation Bureaus, and multiple Fire Department Marine Vessels including Bayville and Atlantic Steamers. 


    In this photo is Bayville EMT-CC Mario Orlassino along with two Suffolk Police Officers and the victim aboard a Suffolk Marine Vessel after an extensive search in the Long Island Sound. The victim was in the water and missing for an estimated 17 hours.


    The Bayville Crew aboard Marine 1: Chief Kevin Vittiretti, 2nd Asst. Chief Joe Rodgers, Lieutenant Marc Bilbrey, Ex-Chief Tim Placilla, Firefighter Aron Cloninger, and EMT-CC Orlassino.


    Bayville units were operating under the direction of Atlantic Steamer 1st Asst. Chief Ceglia.