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Formed in 1922, the Fire Company membership is currently 87 active members and we continue to provide fire/rescue services to the Village of Bayville, Centre Island and the north east portion of Mill Neck.  We wish to pay tribute to and publicly thank the men and women who freely gave of their personal time and money to formally organize our Volunteer Fire Company.  They have ensured our ability to grow through service to the community in a friendly and neighborly manner.  Today, many of the same original families are still committed to this great service.  The company gives freely of its time, skill and well-being to assure the safety of all residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
BFC Monthly - November 2013 Print
Bayville Fire Company Monthly ~ Ex-Chief John Doyle in association with Chief Dennis Kelly, President Michael Parente and Chairman of the Board Edward Minicozzi.

Home For the Holidays: Are you prepared?

As we enter November, many of us start to think of Thanksgiving and the holiday season. That also means hosting family and friends in our homes and a focus on meals and spending time with loved ones. In light of this, we would like to share some thoughts on how you can have a hearty and healthy holiday gathering in a safe way by offering some safety considerations.

Deep fried turkey has grown in popularity over the years and with that comes some serious safety concerns.  If you plan on deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving we suggest you take the following precautions. Set your fryer up in an area that will be free from children and pets and be sure its a considerable distance from your home, deck or anything else that can burn. Ensure that your turkey is completely thawed since even a partially frozen turkey can cause a fire.  Keep in mind that the fryer and oil will take quite a bit of time to cool down once the turkey has been cooked. The cooking area should be protected long after the food has been cooked.  Finally, be sure to keep an all purpose fire extinguisher nearby.

Parking is another consideration that should be addressed. Many neighborhoods in town are in tight areas and offer very little in the way of on street parking. When holiday guests park near your home, take notice of where they parked and ask yourself if the fire department or police department need to get down your block would they be able to? Also consider homes that may be beyond your home and if emergency vehicles could get down the street to them if needed.

Cleanup is another consideration. One Christmas Day we responded to a fire that was caused by a garbage can catching fire that was up against an attached garage. The hosts threw something hot in the trash that spread and caused considerable damage to their garage and home. Thankfully there were no injuries, but the incident sure did put a damper on festivities.

Over the years we have responded to numerous incidents for rescue and fires during the holidays.  Hopefully these thoughts and considerations allow you to prepare for a safe and enjoyable holiday gathering.

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We would like to thank everyone for their support at our Open House. It is always great to spend time with the community to discuss fire safety!

Clocks turn back this weekend, great time to check your smoke and CO detectors. Change the clocks, change your batteries.

Congratulations to Deacon Ted Kolakowski on being honored at the St. Gertrude Parish Dinner Dance. We appreciate Deacon’s commitment to the community and value him as a guiding spirit as a member of the Bayville Fire Company.

Thank you to the fine folks at the Crescent Club for hosting the Beachfront Halloween Bash and donating some of the proceeds to the Bayville Fire Company.

This week marks the anniversary of Super Storm Sandy and our thoughts remain with all of those still dealing with the devastation.

Year to Date Alarm Totals:   as of October 27, 2013

Fire Calls: 177
Rescue Calls: 319
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