• Chief of Department

    Joseph Rodgers

    Chief of Department schedules and assigns duties to firefighters, trains and drills them in firefighting and rescue techniques, evaluates their performance and oversees their advancement. The Chief also monitors the care and maintenance of the fire station and all equipment, submits requests for new acquisitions and works with fire department budgets. He makes sure firefighters follow established policies and procedures.

  • 1st Assistant Chief

    Marc Bilbrey

  • 2nd Assistant Chief

    John Doyle

  • Line Officers of Department

  • David Encarncion

    Lieutenant: 5094

  • William Flower

    Lieutenant: 5093

  • Robert Plummer

    Lieutenant: 5092

  • Richard Querni

    Lieutenant: 5091

  • Brandon Louie

    Lieutenant: 5095

  • Norman McCloy

    Lieutenant: 50M1

  • Mario Orlassino

    EMS Officer: 5096

  • Micheal Barry

    Safety Officer

  • Kenneth D'Ella

    Safety Officer