• Bayville Fire Company donates proceeds from Charity Drill 2018

  • Bayville Fire Company donates proceeds from Charity Drill
    to local charities and funds two scholarships
    • The Mike Hallquest Memorial Fund benefits from Charity Drill.
    • Heather Pendergast Fund benefits from Charity Drill
    • Ricky’s Row Fund benefits from Charity Drill
    • Two $1,000 scholarships for two graduates from Locust Valley High School
    November 10, 2018 – The Bayville Fire Company announced today that it has donated $11,450 raised at the Annual Charity Drill to local community organizations. The Charity Drill, which was held on July 21, 2018, it's a tournament where fire departments’ skills are tested in various competitions.
    Proceeds from the charity event are distributed to local community groups and will also be used to provide educational scholarships for two students who graduate in 2019. Money was raised from team entry fees, sponsorships, and the sale of food.
  • The $11,450 proceeds will be divided as follows:
    • Two $1,000 for scholarships to two students from the Locust Valley High School who graduate in 2019.
    • The Mike Hallquest Memorial Fund – supporting the family of former fire chief, Mike Hallquest from Sea Cliff who passed away in January 2018.
    • The Heather Pendergast Fund -- which has a mission to assist sick children of firefighters.
    • Ricky’s Row – a local charity that is focused on raising awareness to address the opioid crisis.
    We are very pleased to announce that we are funding a student scholarship program with proceeds from the Charity Drill. Two students from Locust Valley High School graduating Class of 2019 will receive $1,000 scholarships to help advance their educational goals.
    Bayville’s Fire Chief Dave Caso says the Charity Drill builds teamwork within the fire department and camaraderie among the various departments that compete. It also creates some healthy, yet fun competition.
  • About the Charity Drill
    Drill Teams are assembled with a goal of training firefighters by helping them enhance the skills necessary when battling a fire or dealing with an emergency. The tournaments consist of a number of different skill tracks including fire hose control and hydrant coordination, ladder speed, and other team-building drills. Drill teams from fire departments from all over Long Island participate with hopes of taking home a trophy.
    New York State has seen competition between volunteer fire departments since the late 1800s. In 1955, the fire departments in the State came together to create a common set of rules and requirements. Since that time, teams across Long Island compete for points and pride every year.